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The Saint Andrew's Institute of Theology

The Institute of Theology is a seminary whose primary focus is to prepare and train men for Holy Orders in the American Anglican Church. Courses are open to anyone who desires a rigorous course of instruction in the traditional Anglican tradition. For course listings, please contact the Dean of Theological Studies.

The Saint Andrew's Institute of Theology is an Anglican seminary founded for the purpose of educating Christians for the ministry in the Church of Jesus Christ, using the resources of the Anglican Tradition: catholic, reformed, and evangelical. It is the goal of the Saint Andrew's Institute of Theology to maintain all of the Anglican tradition. Theological education is more than academic study. A Seminary must also build the spiritual life of the student, while building a lifelong ethos of study, worship, prayer, and Christian service. Knowing about Christ is only a small step in the total formation of His ministry. The Saint Andrew's Institute of Theology is committed to the excellence and understanding of the Christian Ministry as a Christian Life dedicated to God's glory and to God's purpose.

Our philosophy of a seminary education is that it is a communion between the teacher, the student, and his spiritual advisors. All students must submit to spiritual formation as well as the academic program. We teach on the English system, where the student is prepared through advising, directing, and spiritual guidance. When the student is prepared, he is invited to take the Comprehensive Exams, as justification for his preparedness for the ministry. What we are not is a correspondence school.

It is assumed that each student who enters our program of study for the purpose of becoming ordained into Holy Orders is truly called by God to serve Him in that capacity. Ordination is a sacrament of character as well as being schooled as a minister of the Holy Gospel. We are looking for those who are called to be a lifelong Apostle of Jesus Christ and to follow in His Holy ways. This includes the creation and maintenance of an active ministry from the very beginning.

The student is expected to respond to the professors and spiritual director in a timely way, while maintaining a dialogue regarding his progress. This means completing assigned work in the prescribed and timely manner as well as keeping within the reasonable timelines for completion of study. Maintaining a regular discipline for study will be essential for your success.

The curriculum is designed as a two-year program of study (as a full time commitment of time). extensions for special circumstances may be granted for up to one more year for completion. We operate on a semester calendar. College background or the equivalent is recommended as the curriculum presumes sufficient competence to complete the work. The student may start at any time, but exams are due twice a year, on or before, the February Ember Day, and the December Ember Day.


The Rt. Rev. Andrew David Bixler, OSA
Dean of Theological Studies

The American Anglican Church
The Province of The Good Shepherd

680 Albany Post Road
Scarborough, New York 10510
(914) 923-2005 / 762-0398

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